Safety, Field, and Game Rules

Your Safety Is Very Importany To Us
We want everyone to have fun and be safe. Paintball is very safe when the rules are observed and equipment is used correctly. We reserve the right to refuse anyone service without a refund if we deem their manner of play dangerous to others or themselves. Safety is our #1 priority! Check out our Safety Rules, Field Rules, and Game Rules below.

Safety Rules
  1. Goggles on at all times while on the playing field this is for your safety.
  2. Barrel Plugs/Covers on at all times outside of the playing field to prevent accidents and possible injury.
  3. Do not shoot at the highway, shoot over the netting, or shoot your marker outside the netting. A car or motorcycle being hit by a paintball could cause a serious accident. Please use common sense.
  4. No Bunkering or shooting a player that is within ten feet. Bunkering can ruin someone’s day and warp his or her opinion on paintball. Ask the player to surrender and if they choose not to surrender please try to shoot them in the mask or hopper. There is absolutely no reason for bunkering during Recreational play days.
  5.  All markers are required to be Chronographed under 285 FPS before play.
  6. Please do not over shoot players! One shot in enough.
  7. No blind firing. Blind firing is when you stick you’re marker around a corner and shoot without looking.
Field Rules
  1. Have Fun! Paintball is supposed to be fun and safe.
  2. Field Paint Only. We ask that you buy our paint for safety and quality control reasons.
  3. No Swearing. Our facility if family friendly, keep the %$@! to a minimum.
  4. No Alcohol at the facility. Paintball and alcohol don’t mix!
  5. No Smoking in the Staging Area. We don’t mind if you smoke, just please do so away from crowds and other players.
  6. Do Not use Paintballs from the ground. This will cause issues with your gun.
  7.  Stay on the Ground. For your safety please do not climb into trees or on top of buildings during play.
  8. Please do not block the ramp to the field house. We have a lot of coming and going and don’t want to bump into you.
Game Rules
  1. Eliminations are a quarter size mark of paint anywhere on the player or any of their equipment.
  2. If a player is hit in an area where they cannot tell or see the hit, ask for a paint-check and the ref will come take a look.
  3. Players can ask for a paint-check on another player if they are confident the other player has been hit. You can also nicely ask them to check themselves. Please be civil and respectful.
  4. Upon Elimination, call hit and exit the play area quickly, with your hand or gun raised and barrel cover on.
  5. No Cheating! Do not wipe your hits or continue playing after being eliminated.
  6. Please do not alter or move the bunkers or other structures.
  7. Stay in bounds, there are boundary markers around each field.
  8. Semi Auto Only, no burst mode or full auto.
  9. Each team starts together at the designated starting gates until the Ref to give the signal to begin.
  10. No dead man walking or pretending to be eliminated.
Not following the rules could result in injury to yourself or others.
Failure to abide by our rules will result in the following:
  • 1st failure will result in a verbal warning.
  • 2nd failure will result in sitting out for a game.
  • 3rd failure you will no longer be able to play for the rest of the day.
  • Serious offenses will result in you being asked to leave the facility.
10AM – 5PM
1PM – 5PM
Monday – Friday
Appointment Only
*Saturday & Sunday No Sign-Ins after 2:30PM
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